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  • Williams, Scott (2023)
    This thesis explores the relationship between energy justice and demand response electricity pricing schemes in the residential market. As energy retailers make the transition towards demand response contracts, many opportunities arise for justice and injustice. It is vital that consumers are protected from arising injustices, and that the benefits of demand response schemes are distributed across the population. I use a popular energy justice framework to evaluate the demand response schemes of three European electricity retailers for their adherence to the principles of energy justice. The eight evaluative criteria are availability, affordability, due process, good governance, sustainability, intragenerational equity, intergenerational equity and responsibility. The three retailers are Tibber, E.ON Next, and Helen. Through this evaluation, I demonstrate that novel developments in energy systems by some energy retailers can positively inform the policies and practices of conventional retailers. There is room for growth in customer communication, stakeholder involvement, and smart home integration. My evaluation shows that retailers are yet to meet the aspirations of energy justice with their demand response schemes, but the potential for promoting justice clearly exists. I conclude with a set of recommendations Helen can take to meet the goals of energy justice in their electricity contracts.