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  • Srinivas, Sanjana (2024)
    The mammalian circadian clock is critical to physiological homeostasis and oversees many important processes like sleep and nociception. Chronic pain, particularly, neuropathic pain (NP) is defined as pain caused by nerve injury and is commonly studied in rodents using the spared nerve injury (SNI) model. The SNI model strongly mimics NP pathology by causing hypersensitive pain responses. As pain and the circadian rhythm are actively linked (as proven by diurnal fluctuations in pain sensitivities in individuals with NP), these responses can disrupt overall well-being and increase an individual’s predisposition to diseases like cancer and depression. Therefore, avenues to discern the workings of the circadian clock have been explored, and some include the use of small-molecule modulators like TH301, that regulate specific core circadian genes. In this study, we explored the possible role of TH301 in normalizing disrupted circadian rhythms in a rodent model of NP, while also examining its potential as an analgesic agent.