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  • Rooney, Erin Jane (2022)
    Meningeal lymphatic vessels (mLVs), a recent functionally characterized structure in the meninges, contribute to the clearance of macromolecules, immune cells and metabolic waste from the central nervous system to peripheral lymph nodes. Having been identified as a route of clearance, there is a focus on understanding their role in neurological disease pathology. Here we consider their function in the pathology of traumatic brain injury (TBI) particularly in blood solute clearance, lesion progression and neuroinflammatory response. We use a transgenic model of mLV developmental dysfunction, K14-VEGFR3-Ig, to analyze the progression and severity of a controlled cortical impact (CCI) injury. We show that in mice lacking mLVs there are a higher percentage of microglia cells in an activated state in the hippocampus whereas the progression of hematoma and lesion size does not differ from wild type. Our results suggest that at two months post injury, meningeal lymphatics could be functionally important in modulating microglia activation, which is associated with chronic inflammation.