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  • Verle, Maarten (2021)
    Advancements in both calcium indicators and optical instrumentation have led to new in vivo techniques, such as Miniscopes, capable of recording the spatiotemporal activity of multiple neurons during unrestrained behaviour in rodents. With these microendoscopic techniques, neuronal populations can be stably recorded over multiple sessions. As a result, Miniscopes allow for the investigation of a brain region’s changing activity patterns as a result of disease progression or behaviour. Recently, open source Miniscope initiatives have led to affordable and accessible versions of this technique. In addition, the collaborative open-source community facilitates rapidly evolving modifications, implementations and designs. Notwithstanding the potential and ever-increasing popularity of Miniscopes, the technique is still in its infancy and not widespread. This study consisted of a background review and a pilot study attempting to image neuronal ensembles in the central nucleus of the amygdala (CeA) using the open-source UCLA V3 Miniscope in mice. Despite not being able to successfully record neuronal activity in the CeA, the study has made progress in generating a protocol for Miniscope implementation at the Pharmacology department of Helsinki. Moreover, the study proposes different adjustments that might be implemented in the future. With the continuation of a synergistic collaboration with the Department of Psychology at the university of Jyväskylä, it is likely that both departments will be able to effectively implement the Miniscope technique in the foreseeable future.