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  • Rissanen, Simo (2022)
    The concept of sustainability has been discussed a lot in academic and political contexts. While especially the ecological dimension of sustainability has been widely focused on due to various environmental crises, the social dimension has been less studied. In this thesis, I analyse social sustainability through political discourses in the Finnish context. Finland has received good results in the field of social policy and throughout its history, central labour market organisations have had an institutional role in the development of social policies. This thesis analyses how Finnish central labour market organisations discuss social sustainability when they set their objectives for the 2019-2023 government term. Adopting a critical approach, I study the role and representation of social sustainability in the objective documents. My two-part research 1) constructs a definition for social sustainability based on literature, and 2) analyses the empirical data and discourses found within. The findings of this thesis present a five-part definition for social sustainability and four key discursive themes which emerge from the empirical data. The results from empirical data show that in the objective documents social sustainability is for example discussed in a bureaucratic way, sometimes seen as an instrument benefitting the society. The research also underlines the difficulty of defining and analysing the vague concept of social sustainability and discusses how and why social sustainability could be researched in the future.