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  • Korvenmaa, Päivi (2020)
    Female breast cancer incidence rate has been growing world-wide and it is the most common cancer in women. In the battle against the breast cancer mortality, early detection is the strongest tool. This is the reason why national mammography screening programs are widely established for selected age groups, usually for women between 50 to 70 years old. Although it is well established that these programs save lives, mammography screening is not feasible to apply to younger and/or older groups due to increasing radiation load as well as economically. There is a room for a non-invasive, easy and cost-effective breast imaging modality, which could be used for all age groups e.g. in connection with regular health checks. In this theses breast cancer as a disease and its present clinical diagnostic tools are presented. As a possible new pre-diagnostic tool, infrared imaging combined with modern analytical and machine learning tools, is introduced. Also, preliminary results of an on-going study are presented, which encourage to continue the development.