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  • Ritvanen, Susanna (University of HelsinkiHelsingin yliopistoHelsingfors universitet, 2008)
    Clostridium botulinum is group of anaerobic rod shaped soil bacteria which causes serious food poisonings. It produces spores that can be found worldwide. The group is very heterogenic but the common thing to all C. botulinum bacteria is that they produce strong neurotoxin that causes paralysis and death. Human pathogens are C. botulinum types A, B, E, and F. Types C and D cause disease in animals. Aim of this study was to evaluate the prevalence of C. botulinum type A, B, E, and F spores in Finnish beef using multiplex PCR method. 53 samples of beef were processed in 2 separate pathways. Therefore 106 samples examined to search for C. botulinum types A B E and F with multiplex PCR. Process included sample pre-processes to eliminate PCR inhibitory substances and to concentrate C. botulinum cells. Results of the study were inconclusive. None of the beef samples were positive but the inoculated positive controls were working only half of the time in both pre-process pathways.