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  • Kaarela, Tiina (2022)
    Kainate type glutamatergic receptors (KARs) modulate synaptic transmission and neuronal excitability depending on their subunit composition and localization. Developmental expression of KARs in the immature hippocampus is suggested to promote activity dependent synchronization of neuronal networks, yet the exact mechanisms are still unclear. Here we asked how local manipulation of KAR subunit GluK1 at CA3 pyramidal cells modulates synchronous network activity in postnatal hippocampus in vitro. We hypothesized that local KAR enhancement will promote functional connectivity and synchronous activity in the networks. Multichannel recordings were used to study spatio-temporal profile of network activity in organotypic hippocampal slice cultures. We show, that local GluK1 enhancement is affecting spontaneous activity patterns and that the population discharges recruit the whole network more efficiently compared to control. In addition, the activities at the site of GluK1 overexpression are more correlated to CA1 and DG regions. Our data suggests that facilitated spatial propagation of population discharges promote synchronization of network activity in KAR expressing slices. These findings support and supplement the previous hypothesis that KARs might play essential role in the functional integration of neurons in hippocampal circuitries.