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  • Ukkonen, Anni (2020)
    The package leaflet (“leaflet”) is a technical document included in medicine packages to provide information about the medicinal product to the user. With the EU now encouraging the adoption of eHealth, it can be assumed that written medicine information would be included in the digitalisation process. Medicine users’ views on electronic forms of medicine information should be assessed before any changes can be made, but so far there is very little data on this. The aim of this study was to find out what kind of leaflet medicine users would prefer and how they would feel about an electronic leaflet. The main aim was to find out if there is a difference in preferences between different types of medicine users and between medicine users of different ages in the provision of a package leaflet. The study also sought to find out if the current leaflet is being read by medicine users. This study was conducted by carrying out a survey to pharmacy customers over the age of 16 collecting prescription medication(s) for themselves (n = 110). The data was collected at one retail pharmacy in Helsinki, Finland during July 2020. The data was analysed quantitatively. This study found that medicine users generally feel positively about an electronic leaflet (liked by 63%) and many are open to idea of an electronic leaflet (75%). The majority (88%) could see positives in using an electronic leaflet, regardless of leaflet preferences. The study did not find a difference between new and repeat medicine users in the preference for a particular leaflet format, but age is correlated with the preference for a particular leaflet type, with younger medicine users wanting an electronic leaflet as often as older medicine users want a printed leaflet. Having the leaflet appear in My Kanta pages after the medication has been dispensed was found to be the most popular way to receive an electronic leaflet. This study also found that there is a difference between new and repeat medicine users when it comes to reading the leaflet after a medication has been dispensed. With the current printed leaflet 81% of repeat medicine users and 38% of new medicine users do not read it. The most common reason given for not reading the leaflet was that the participant had read it before and did not feel the need to read it again. According to this study, medicine users, especially younger medicine users, feel positively about the idea of an electronic leaflet, which is encouraging for the future of an electronic leaflet. The results are in line with prior research, but also suggest that more medicine users feel positively about the idea of an electronic leaflet than before. The leaflet reading behaviours of medicine users also highlight the need for a system, where a medicine user can be alerted to any changes in the leaflet, which is something only an electronic system could do.