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  • Korhonen, Annika (2016)
    Digital technologies have brought new prospects also in pharmaceutical industry and marketing. Communication between different interest groups has become faster and more convenient. There has also been development of new marketing methods utilizing digital technology. E-detailing, mobile applications and social media sites are examples of novel ways to market medicines and disseminate medical information. The aim of this study was to find out how doctors see electronic detailing (e-detailing). The study was carried out by electronic questionnaire, which was answered by 45 Finnish doctors. Doctors who participated in this study had attended e-detailing organized by Pfizer before. Roger's innovation diffusion model was used in drawing up the questions and as theoretical framework of this study. The results of this study showed that doctors regard e-detailing mainly positively and they intend to participate e-detailing also in the future. About one fourth of the doctors, who answered, think that e-detailing is more useful than traditional detailing. In general, doctors do not prefer e-detailing to traditional or group detailing. They also attend e-detailing more seldom than other forms of detailing. In addition, doctors see that e-detailing is more additional value than substitute for traditional detailing. According to this study e-detailing can be a useful tool for pharmaceutical companies mainly because it is a convenient and effective way to contact doctors. The biggest challenges of e-detailing are lack of personality and difficulties in changing timing of arranged detailing sessions. All in all, novel marketing methods may enable that pharmaceutical companies can take doctors' different needs into account. On the other hand, controlling the totality demands that pharmaceutical companies have a functional CRM-strategy and uniform communication.