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  • Hossi, Heidi (2016)
    The abuse of drugs is monitored by different authorities and health care. World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) prohibits the use of doping substances and methods in- and/or out-of-competition. WADA has created strict instructions for Anti-Doping laboratories for analyzing different substances from biological samples. The aim of this study was to develop liquid chromatographic-mass spectrometric (LC-MS/MS) screening analysis for the detection in urine of drugs of abuse. The basis of study was 20 different substances which had different molecular weights, logP and pH values. The purpose was to create the basis of the method where is easy to add new analytes in further studies. Almost all substances chosen in this study were doping substances and the guidelines for the method were created by WADA. The sample pretreatment was pursued to be as generic as possible for plenitude of analytes and easy to perform. The sample pretreatment included two liquid-liquid extraction steps and enzymatic hydrolysis. The LC-MS/MS method worked well for many analytes with some exceptions. Some analytes didn't fit for the sample pretreatment and some didn't give strong enough signal in desired detection level. The gradient of LC-method can be limiting factor when adding new analytes to the method. Especially very lipophilic and polar analytes may cause difficulties. Carry over caused some problems in analyses. As a result it may lead to new sample treatment and LC-MSanalysis for the same batch.