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  • Tenhola, Ella (2023)
    Medicine shortages have been an increasing problem in the pharmaceutical industry for several years. While the causes of these shortages have been widely researched, they have been found to be diverse and the root causes are difficult to identify. The pharmaceutical care system has been formed over a long period of time, which has led to a growing problem of shortages for various reasons. This study aims to investigate he views of different pharmaceutical sectors on what reforms to the mandatory reserve supply law could help to prevent and shorten the medicine shortages. The study was conducted through a thematic interview. Abductive analysis and thematic analysis were selected as the method of analysis. The study found that mandatory reserve supply is successful in acting as a buffer against short-term shortages, but that a comprehensive reform of the law would be necessary. According to the study, the reform of the law is linked to a wide range of issues. More flexible processes in regulatory aspects, the profitability of the Finnish market, and hospital procurements are closely related to the mandatory reserve supply law. The reform of the mandatory supply list could bring flexibility to exemptions to maintain lower stock levels by renewing the list of medicines and categorizing them into different groups. The act on public contracts law and the mandatory supply reserve law should be better coordinated to avoid wastage and thus ensure Finland's adequate competitiveness However, it should be noted that ensuring Finland's competitiveness and reducing shortages is not solely the responsibility of the mandatory reserve supply law. It also requires extensive international cooperation and it is also believed that bringing production back to Europe and even to Finland is crucial to shorten medicines shortages.