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  • Granfors, Eija (2015)
    In hospital care many medicines should be usually prepared before they are administered to patients. In Finland Finnish Medicines Agency (Fimea) gives regulatory requirements and instructions for preparation of medicines in hospital pharmacies and action in hospital pharmacies is strictly controlled regularly by Fimea. According to Fimea's instructions hospital pharmacies should also ensure that medicines are prepared properly before they are administered to the patients in hospital wards. Preparing of medicines in hospital wards should be done in accordance with instructions given from the hospital pharmacy. Medicines should be prepared by using aseptic technique in order to protect patient safety. Aim of this study was to develop an assessment tool which can be used to assess the quality of ward- prepared medicines. The assessment tool should be suitable for self-assessment and external audit. Aim of the assessment tool is to ensure the safety of preparation of medicines in the wards and at the end improve patient safety. For the assessment tool ISMP Guidelines for safe preparation of sterile compounds were translated to Finnish. The assessment tool was then developed from the translated ISMP-guideline and other literature. The assessment tool was validated by using two-rounded Delphi-method. Delphi-method is a consensus method in which selected experts evaluate the data. At the first Delphi-round suitability and feasibility of the tool were evaluated and new items were created based on the consensus of experts. At the second round the feasibility of the tool items, which were developed by the first round, were evaluated once again. A total of 19 experts were participated to the Delphi-rounds. After the Delphi-rounds the developed assessment tool contained 64 items for safe preparing of medicines in hospital wards. The developed assessment tool reviews the entire process of preparing medicines and it can be used to identify which items are not followed in preparing of medicines before administering to patients in hospital wards. The developed assessment tool for safe preparation of medicines in hospital wards can be used widely in Finnish hospitals in order to ensure the quality of preparing medicines and detect the deficiencies and errors in preparation processes. By detecting deficiencies and errors in preparing medicines, they can be corrected and processes can be modified appropriate. In this way patient safety can be improved.