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  • Eronen, Kimmo (2016)
    One of the most visible themes in coach education during recent years has been mental coaching, which means applying sport psychology in to coaching. Understanding of the nature of mental coaching in open skill sports and its practical applications have only started to arise. This Thesis's aim was to build a synthetic review of Finnish open skill sport studies and reflect it on international sport psychology theories. The Thesis was made with review method, which is a study based on a qualitative synthetic analysis. Material was gathered using Finnish universities publications search engines and other study search engines. The studies criteria was to be at least Licentiate and eight studies matching the criteria were found. Results were found both from the general level of sport psychology in Finland and single study subjects. Even though Finnish children start sports younger than before, the studies have all except one focused on ages 14 and above. Motivation has been a very popular subject of Finnish studies, but the new phenomena's of international sport psychology self-confidence studies have been neglected. Task-cohesion's importance in group performance was highlighted both internationally and in Finnish studies. Conclusions are made both concerning Finnish mental coaching and the need for more research. It is important for the development of Finnish open skill sports mental coaching that it will emphasize the importance of task-cohesion and the new self-confidence related phenomena's, such as self-efficacy, collective efficacy and team confidence. In the future Finnish open skill sport mental coaching needs studies of children's sport psychology. In addition intervention studies are needed to create more information on mental coaching's practical applications in open skill sports.