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  • Katajamäki, Hanne (2020)
    Social media and its online communities and various platforms are actively used by hobby craft makers. Previous research has shown, that social media offers its users a place to meet people with similar intrests, an opportunity to share and receive information, and to showcase and receive feedback on their own crafts. Social media is also a place to find new inspiration ja ideas for future craft projects and serves as a virtual diary. The aim of this study was to find out how sewing-focused Facebook groups are used as part of the different stages of the sewing craft process; creating ideas, planning, makeing and evaluation, what kind of information, help or feedback is received from Facebook groups, and how this information is used in the sewing hobby. I was also interested in what kind of things is find to be meaningful in Facebook sewing groups. My research questions are 1) How are sewing-themed Facebook groups used at different stages of the sewing process, and 2) What issues group members find to be important in Facebook sewing groups. The data was collect througe semi-structural online survey, that included a call for volunteers to write about their experiences of how they use facebook groups during their sewing craft process. A link to the survey was shared in five Finnish Facebook sewing groups. There were 73 respondents. The writings were analyzed qualitatively, by means of content analysis. According to the research results, the groups are utilized in different ways in different stages of the sewing process, but the aims behind these different ways are very similar between the different stages: The groups are utilized to support progress in craft process, increase knowledge and as a helpt to clarify vision. In addition, a deliberate retrieval of feedback is identifiable in the evaluation phase. In the sewing groups, it was find to be importat to find new ideas and inspiration, learn new skills and develop oneself, seek information, meet people with similar intrests, and share information and help others.
  • Varonen, Maria (2021)
    Goals. The aim of the thesis is to find out how knitting as a hobby effects on social and psychological well-being, as well as causes, why people join Facebook knitting communities. Thesis examines craftsmanship as a hobby, community in crafts, as well as social media online communities. Previous studies have shown that with engaging in crafts has positive effects on well-being. Handicrafts making has been found to have a positive impact on mood, reducing stress as well as improving concentration. Social media has been found to offer its users a place for networking, showcase their crafts as well as the opportunity to share and gain information. Methods. The study was carried out using both qualitative and quantitative means of analysis. However, the study places an emphasis on qualitative analysis. The research target set is made up by knitting enthusiasts, who are members of the Facebook knitting themed group. The data was collected using an online survey and an online survey link with the cover text was divided into three Facebook knitting groups. The number of respondents to the survey was 889 copies. The data was analyzed using the means of content analysis as well as quantitative data using statistical methods of analysis. Results and conclusions. Based on the results of the studies can be noted that knitting has positive effects for the social and psychological well-being of the individual. The results of this thesis show, that knitting brings like-minded people together, helps to relax, as well as acting as a topic of discussion in difficult social situations. Reasons for being in social media knitting communities included ideas, tips and obtaining help and information.