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  • Hussi, Johanna (2021)
    Objective of the study. Transition from studies to work can be considered as an important process in human life and it has impact on personal well-being. Study and work engagement, which are affected by individual, collective, and situational factors, have been shown to have positive effects. In this study, study and work engagement is defined as a long-term and fulfilling positive experience which is shown as vigour, dedication, and absorption. More detailed studies of engagement in the transition from higher education to work is missing from generalized fields. Aim of this study is to examine meaningful experiences of the study and work engagement in the transition from university to work with master students and Masters of Educational Science. Aim of the study is also to examine the objects in the interviewees’ studies and work of engagement. Methods. The data consisted of semi-structured interviews collected in total from 20 participants. Critical incident -technique was applied in the interviews. 9 of the interviewees were students of educational sciences and 11 of them were Masters of Educational Science. All of them were working. The data were qualitatively analysed by abductive content analysis. Results and conclusions. The meaningful experiences in the studies and work were similar in both groups. The meaningful experiences of the interviewed students were related to the beginning of the studies, courses and events, internships, the first work in related field, present situation, and future. The interviewed masters’ meaningful experiences lacked experiences of pedagogical studies. Also, instead of challenges in studies and work the interviewees described challenges which affected on studying and working, and other challenges. The objects of the interviewees’ meaningful experiences were mainly the studies and work or matters followed by those.
  • Harjula, Emmiina (2017)
    In Finland there has been a lack of qualified kindergarten teachers for a long time. International research on newly qualified teachers has shown that feelings of insufficiency and insecurity are common and the induction phase in the workplace can be a vulnerable time for novice teachers. This study examines what kind of factors affect kindergarten student teachers professional development and job commitment. There were three research questions: (1) Which factors affect the career choice of becoming kindergarten teacher? 2) Which factors affect students work engagement during the early childhood teacher education? (3) Which factors affect students job commitment after the early childhood teacher education? This study is part of the University of Helsinki's study "Koulutuksesta valmistuminen ja työssä pysyminen lastentarhanopettajan työuralla". 14 of the essays used as research data in this qualitative study were collected from the kindergarten student teachers of the University of Helsinki during their last practice. The data was analyzed using content analysis. The results of the study showed that the occupational calling to work with children and events in life such as having a child are linked to kindergarten student teachers carrier choice. Early childhood teacher education created reflection but there should be more practicum experiences. Findings indicated that the practice periods appear to be highly influential for professional development. During the critical incidents there were usually another kindergarten teacher present. Temporary post as a kindergarten teacher during the education increased insecurity about job commitment. Resources, problems on work descriptions, lack of kindergarten teachers, job esteem and salary level decreased work engagement. Students felt that they need support during induction. Feeling of resilience seemed to link with the desire to continue to the profession. The results of this study can be used to develop kindergarten teachers work conditions and promote the early childhood teacher education and induction into the working life.
  • Kantonen, Essi (2015)
    International research on student teachers' induction into the working life has showed that work exhaustion and feelings of confusion are common amongst the young professionals, who have been working in the field for five years or less. In Finland, there has been a lack of qualified Kindergarten teachers for a long time. This study aimed to find out what appeals Kindergarten teacher students to work in the profession and what makes students hesitate working in the profession. There were three research problems: (1) Which factors are linked with students' desire to work as a Kindergarten teacher? (2) Which factors are linked with students' hesitation to work as a Kindergarten teacher? (3) How do the students describe the socialisation into the profession and how is that affected to the work engagement? This study was conducted as a qualitative survey. The data used in this study was part of University of Helsinki study Koulutuksesta valmistuminen ja työssä pysyminen lastentarhanopettajan työuralla. The data included four open-ended questions (n = 350), which were answered by 166 third year students from the University of Helsinki Kindergarten Teacher Education. The data was analyzed using Content Analysis. The results of the study brought out that the students' desire to work as kindergarten teachers is mainly linked with love for children and early childhood education. The motivation to develop as a professional seemed to link with the desire to continue to the profession as well. The help of senior teachers and well adopted teaching practices seemed to strengthen the socialisation into the profession. Students' feeling that the society doesn't appreciate the profession was strongly linked with feelings of hesitation, as well as the weak resources in the Daycare Centres. The students also felt that by clarifying the job descriptions between the Kindergarten teachers and the practical nurses, the profession would seem more appealing. The results of this study can be used to promote the Kindergarten teachers induction into the working life.