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  • Kaivosoja, Arttu (2021)
    Planning process for the Arctic Railway was initiated by the Ministry of Transport and Communications in 2017 and lasted until early 2019. The proposed railway line would cut through the homeland of the indigenous Sámi, which received harsh criticism from the Sámi Parliament for its adverse effects on the traditional Sámi culture and livelihood, both protected by the Constitution of Finland. In this thesis the claims of these two actors are analysed using the Justification theory and Justification analysis to gain insight into the underlying justifications that were used to either oppose or support the Arctic Railway. The results will also illuminate how the MTC’s use of justifications resulted in the constitutional rights of the indigenous Sámi being disregarded during the planning process. At the end of this thesis the reader should have a greater understanding of the Arctic Railway’s planning process, the main arguments and justifications of the two key actors, and how they were used to either resist or support the railway’s construction.