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  • Pitkänen, Stina (2018)
    The arylhydrocarbon receptor (AHR) is known for its xenobiotic role. In the last decades we have realized it has an important role even in normal physiology. Earlier studies have shown different circadian behavior in mice and rats when AHR is activated with the environmental toxoid TCDD. Also, AHR knock-out (AHRKO) mice have shown to adapt quicker to new lighting conditions. The aim of this study was to chart AHRs role on the circadian behavior in rats, by comparing daily eating and drinking habits under normal lighting condition for 7 days and for 7 days after a 12-hour light shift. Tissue samples to be used in continuing studies were taken after the 14 days long follow up. These studies will chart how the circadian timekeeping genes are expressed in the central (suprachiasmatic nucleus) and periphery (liver) cells in AHRKO rats after an adaptation to phase shift compared to wild type rats. This way the study will provide information that will help us understand the role of AHR in different species regarding behavior and in continuing studies gene expression. In our study no differences in drinking and eating activity could be seen between AHRKO and wild type rats. Both groups adapted to new lighting conditions equally fast.