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  • Lehtosalo, Tuuli (2020)
    Lakes play a significant role in the carbon cycle, as they transport, modify, sequester and bury carbon. Climate has direct and indirect impacts on the carbon cycle of lakes. Small, shallow lakes in the northern boreal region are particularly sensitive to climate variability. By studying organic carbon accumulation and quality in lake sediments, and by comparing them to the Holocene climate reconstructions, we can deepen our understanding of the processes affecting carbon sedimentation, evaluate the current and future changes, and separate the on-going climate warming and other anthropogenic factors from natural ones. In this study, we examine carbon accumulation and quality during the Holocene in four lakes in one northern boreal catchment area. Sediment organic carbon content, accumulation rate, C/N-ratio, and d13C were measured and compared to each other as well as to the lake and drainage characteristics and temperature reconstructions. Temperature explained some of the variation in carbon accumulation and quality, in part the variability was attributed to the lake and drainage characteristics.