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  • Suonio, Taina (2020)
    Based on scientific literature and empirical data, the aim of this study was to find out, how different policy instruments concerning vegetated roofs are used internationally, i.e. how different norms, laws, regulations and incentives, are applied in design, construction and maintenance of vegetaged roofs. The specific objective was to obtain scientific, country- or city-specific information of the functionality or effectiveness of policy instruments used in urban planning. The purpose of the thematic interviews was to survey the attitudes of the key actors involved in policy-making concerning vegetated roofs in the City of Helsinki to the policy instruments used in other countries and their applicability in Helsinki. The ultimate goal of the study was to find out which instruments could be applied in Finland and, on the other hand, which instruments would not be suitable for use in Finland. The study combined different methods and data to form data triangulation. Based on the results, the cities’ administrative policy instruments, such as a vegetated roof policy and urban planning, play a significant role in the proliferation of vegetated roofs. Financial instruments and policies (e.g. direct financial support) and informational policy instruments (e.g. increasing general awareness, knowledge and know-how) go hand in hand with administrative policy instruments. The decision of the cities to build vegetated roofs on their own premises and properties, and thus to set an example, was important. The results indicate that a toolbox of various policy instruments could be recommended for Finnish cities, to guarantee construction of vegetated roofs with various functionalities, such as promoting biodiversity, managing storm waters nd offering recreation for citizens. Further research should be carried out to find out how the prevalence of vegetated roofs has increased in Finland, and which policy instruments have been the drivers. It would be particularly interesting to study how successful building projects have increased the credibility of vegetated roofs among architects, building contractors and decision-makers. It would also be important to find out whether a line of study specialising in vegetated roofs, or a vegetated roof training and information centre established among cities, could be used as one policy instrument. A vegetated roof map template covering all the cities of Finland, in which existing vegetated roofs were presented, would serve as an easy and inexpensive informational policy instrument.