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About E-thesis – Resources and search tools

E-thesis resources

University of Helsinki theses and dissertations can be published and stored in digital format in the E-thesis web service. Anyone can read the publications online and print them for their own use.

The E-thesis service was launched in 1999 and contains very few theses and dissertations completed before then.

Each doctoral candidate can decide whether to publish his or her dissertation online. Currently about 80% of the University’s dissertations are published in E-thesis, but the number varies according to faculty. In total, E-thesis now includes some 4,500 doctoral dissertations.

As a rule, E-thesis contains only the summarising report of article-based dissertations because of copyright issues. The actual articles can be found in the journals listed in each dissertation. Students and staff at Finnish universities and institutions of higher education can search for articles from the electronic resources offered by each institute. For example, the electronic resources of the Helsinki University Library can be searched through the search function available on the Library website.

Since April 2006, all dissertation abstracts have been published in E-thesis, including the abstracts of dissertations not available in full online.

The publication of Master’s theses in E-thesis was for a long time done only on a voluntary basis, but many faculties have amended their policies in recent years and now require that their students store a digital copy of their Master’s thesis in E-thesis. Most of the students also permit the open publication of their Master’s thesis. A total of 3,500 Master’s theses can currently be read online. Digital Master’s theses for which no publication permission has been granted can be read using the computers designated for the purpose in Kaisa House.

Publishing a thesis or dissertation in E-thesis enhances the visibility of the publication and makes it easier to find. Theses and dissertations published online receive a permanent address and can be found by search engines. Each year, E-thesis records more than one million downloads of openly available theses and dissertations.

The E-thesis website offers instructions for those who store and publish theses and dissertations online.

Searching for and browsing publications

The openly available publications are stored in the E-thesis collection of the University of Helsinki digital archives.

The resources are grouped into sub-collections (doctoral dissertations, Licentiate theses and Master’s theses as well as dissertation abstracts and other abstracts) and further categorised according to faculty.

The E-thesis website features a search function that can be used to search for publications. The resources can also be browsed by title, author or date of publication.

Further information on University of Helsinki theses and dissertations

The University’s Communications unit publishes a comprehensive calendar of public dissertation examinations.

The Helka union catalogue of all University of Helsinki libraries is a good source of information about Master’s theses as well as doctoral dissertations published several years ago. Extensive information about doctoral dissertations is also available in the Fennica National Bibliography of Finland. What is more, the abstracts of old doctoral dissertations are searchable within the University’s old abstract database.