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Submitting of the Master's thesis

The Faculty of Educational Sciences

You are submitting the Master’s thesis for assessment into E-thesis system.

To be able to submit your thesis, you should have available:

  1. Your thesis as a single PDF-file (see. instructions) and
  2. reference information and abstract to be copied into submission form in E-thesis.

Submission form of the Faculty of Educational Sciences

Filing and publishing of the Master's thesis

The reference and the abstract of an approved Thesis are publicly available online in E-thesis.

The approved Thesis is filed electronically, and it accessible through Helsinki Library workstations, and with authors permission, via internet in the E-thesis database.

Do you need help?

You can contact the study councelors of your faculty at:

N.B. If you want to submit a Master's thesis which has already been assessed and approved, please fill in the Master's thesis form and send a signed copy of the publishing agreement form (available in Finnish only) to E-thesis. A scanned copy of a signed agreement form can be sent by e-mail as well.