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Sending your thesis for assessment and publishing it in digital format

Teologinen tiedekunta

With these quick instructions you can send your thesis for assessment and deposit it to university's digital archive. If you need more information, please see the Links section.

N.B.! Sending thesis for assessment through E-thesis system is mandatory starting from fall 2014. For more information see faculty's info in Flamma.

  1.  Convert your thesis into a single PDF file (containing also the abstract page and the cover page), name the file (without Scandinavian letters or special characters) and save it.
  2. Log on to the submission form with your UH user id (see the links below) and follow instructions. After successful submission your thesis will enter the assessment process.
  3. When the assessment is ready, you will receive an email from E-thesis system regarding the online publication of your thesis.

Submission Form for the faculty of theology

Digital archiving or publishing online

If you do not accept the publishing license, the PDF version of your thesis will be "archived", stored in such a way that the full text can be used locally inside the library and only the reference and the abstract are publicly available online in E-thesis.

Whereas if you do accept the publishing license, your thesis will be publicly available in the Internet and can be found on the web e.g. with Google. The Faculty of Theology strongly recommends the publication of all theses.

On the benefits of online publishing see this article in
Verkkari (in Finnish).

Anti-plagiarism system Urkund

Via E-thesis service the thesis will be automatically sent to Urkund plagiarism prevention system. This procedure has been set by the Rector's decision and it will be applied for all the thesis assessments done at University of Helsinki. The teacher assessing the given thesis will get a report  produced by the Urkund stystem, and which will be also accepted in connection with the assessment of the thesis.

Once the assessment process is complete Urkund will ask for your permission to store your thesis in the Urkund database. It is strongly recommended to accept as it will prevent the use of your work in future plagiarism

If you need help

With converting your thesis into a PDF file or with depositing you can contact the Library:

or Faculty of Theology: teol-opintoneuvonta[at]

If you have problems with PDF conversion you can also contact the IT Service HelpDesk (02941 55555)

N.B. If you want to submit a Master's thesis which has already been assessed and approved, please fill in the Master's thesis form and send a signed copy of the publishing agreement form (available in Finnish only) to E-thesis. A scanned copy of a signed agreement form can be sent by e-mail as well.